Facilities that accepts golden insuranceWhen a person is seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, he or she may worry about how to pay for treatment. Luckily, insurance companies like Golden Rule can help you overcome the financial barriers and offer coverage for a range of addiction treatment services.

The Golden Rule coverage is operated by United Healthcare, one of the country’s top-rated insurance companies. Notably, Golden Rule offers coverage in states across the U.S. and specializes in short-term and temporary health insurance plans.

These short-term plans are specifically useful for those between jobs or are still looking for a more long-term insurance plan. Golden Rule’s temporary health plans can help people settle their addiction treatment expenses, including fees incurred to services such as therapy, medication, and alcohol and drug rehab centers.

If you are looking for an addiction rehab program that fits your budget, it will help look into your Golden Rule plan’s coverage details. At times, coverage will vary depending on your specific plan.

Does Golden Rule Cover Addiction Treatment?

In facilities that accept golden insurance, most Golden Rule plans offer alcohol and drug rehab programs coverage because UnitedHealthcare is such a large insurance company. Typically, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 changed the way people cover the cost of addiction treatment. This law dictates that insurance companies cover mental health and addiction services in a similar manner they would cover other medical conditions.

Your coverage details will depend on your specific Golden Rule plan. To fully understand your benefits and who accepts golden insurance, it would be best to contact a Golden Rule representative.

Inpatient (Residential) Treatment Centers

MedicareIn inpatient treatment programs with facilities that accept golden insurance, clients live at the rehab center temporarily. Without a doubt, that allows people to immerse themselves in the recovery process without disruptions fully. Inpatient rehab centers are deemed the highest treatment level, as they keep patients away from triggering environments.

People with a Golden Rule coverage may have benefits that relate specifically to inpatient treatment. However, policyholders may be responsible for a series of copays, based on their individual plan. Some treatment facilities allow you to pay for treatment on a payment plan.

Inpatient treatment programs offer residential treatment that is based on a precisely structured environment. Clients may engage in 12-step therapies, individual counseling, and nutrition and wellness programs.

Most inpatient programs will provide on-site detoxification and medication-assisted treatment. That allows patients to access the care they need in a protected and stable environment.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment programs are considered a less intensive form of treatment. Outpatient programs can extend anywhere from several weeks up to a year. In an outpatient program, clients engage in group therapy and participate in addiction treatment education classes.

Notably, this approach to treatment also allows for continued accountability. There may be ongoing drug screens and weekly check-ins with an experienced therapist. Regular contact with other group members helps newly sober and recovered patients build a recovery support system.

After an inpatient stay, some people often use outpatient programs as a “step down” form of treatment. People who could benefit from ongoing support can enroll in an outpatient program. Outpatient rehab programs also have the advantage of flexible scheduling. Sessions may be provided in morning or evening sessions to accommodate those with work and family responsibilities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services Covered by Golden Rule

Golden Rule will likely cover a variety of addiction treatment services, including medication-assisted treatment and inpatient treatment programs. Some treatment services may charge a copay or need coinsurance. It is imperative to understand your Golden Rule coverage’s details to gain the most from your health care plan.

Golden Rule coverage Some of the addiction treatment services covered by Golden Rule may also include:

  • individual and group therapy
  • drug screening
  • crisis intervention services
  • medical detoxification
  • recovery counseling
  • sober living options
  • addiction education

Most people benefit from participating in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. In most instances, these longer programs can be highly effective and may be covered by your Golden Rule plan. Some of these services may need pre-authorization by a physician. That implies that a doctor will need to provide documentation on a person’s health status for Golden Rule to offer coverage.

For more information, contact health insurance today.

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