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There is nothing more important today than being prepared for disaster. Most households don’t have the financial capability to pay out of pocket in the event of a major hospital bill. Unless you can pay upwards of $100,00 in medical expenses out of pocket, you should make sure that you are covered in the event of a personal injury or accident.Coventry Health is dedicated to providing coverage to individuals and families, and you might even want to consider temporary health insurance to bridge the upcoming gaps in your coverage

What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance can be a better fit depending on your situation. If you are waiting for new benefits to pick up with a new employer, will be joining a spouse’s plan at the end of the year, or switching to the Marketplace during Open Enrollment and are just in need of coverage for a few month gap, Short-Term insurance can be a more affordable route for coverage. With new regulations allowing certain states to extend Short-Term plans further out, this can be a more flexible choice for you whether you are trying to avoid catastrophe for 90 days or are trying to give your family more direction over the long term.

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You can enroll in a temporary Coventry health insurance program at any time. There is no waiting for an open enrollment period, and it won’t be too long before you’re covered for the worst events that life has to throw at you. Don’t forget to speak to an insurance agent and get the best possible deal – it could save your life. We offer some of the best prices and cost in the industry.

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Stop waiting around! The right insurance provider is out there and we’re going to make sure you’re covered for the foreseeable future. Accidents can happen any time whether it’s day, night, workdays, or holidays. Insurance is the best way to prepare for the unpredictable, and a great way to secure your peace of mind. Give us a call today or fill out the form for a quote – you’ll be glad you did!