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Trump Health Insurance – What’s Involved?

Though, many people call it “Trumpcare,” President Trump and his administration have not formed a different kind of health insurance. They are just advising people and making it easier for consumers to use short-term insurance packages versus full coverage plans or Affordable Care Act (also known as ACA) policies. There have been various rule changes that make “Trumpcare” more accessible to a broader variety of customers.


Trumpcare is a term used for a lot of different things. However, the item most people are referring to is the American Health Care Act (also known as AHCA). This act includes some of the new regulations put in place by President Trump and his administration. Part of the changes allows consumers to purchase short-term insurance policies as a more long-term option. The initial design of short-term insurance policies was to provide coverage for people or families that were not covered by an employer for a brief period. These plans usually offer a more limited variety of coverage options for a fraction of the price of a full insurance policy. While this may sound like a perfect solution to your insurance troubles, you should remember that the “Trumpcare” packages have benefits and drawbacks just like any other insurance policy has, and you should make sure you are fully informed before committing to anything.

What’s Involved?

There have been numerous fluctuations in the health care industry in the last few years, and it can be challenging to keep up. Hereare a few facts about the new Trump health insurance, laid out in black and white.

  • Trumpcare is a term that refers to a type of insurance already offered before President Trump was in office. Short-term insurance is as an affordable option for individuals who do not need all of the coverage provided to them by full insurance policies.
  • Short-term insurance used to only be available in 3-month increments. Due to regulation changes in the insurance industry, these policies are now available in 1-year increments and some instances for up to 3-year periods. These packages often offer auto-enrollment and the ability to cancel at any point.
  • ACA policies and short-term insurance packages are not the same. Affordable Care Act insurance plans typically cover essential care. You have a wider variety of what you are and are not paying for, with a short-term policy.

Who Qualifies?

Most people will be eligible for the “Trumpcare” policies. However,each policy and company providing those plans will be different. Typically, individuals will not be turned away. Depending on the specific consumer, the insurance packages that they choose will vary based on their needs. For example, if the consumergoes to the doctor more often or for more specific reasons, that person may pay more for their policy. With short-term insurance packages, some medical treatments regarding specific sicknesses or illnesses may not be covered or are covered at a higher cost.
That being said, if a customer looking at Trumpcare has only basic needs, for example, he or she goes to standard physician checkups and really only needs coverage for those office visits and a safety net just in case some terrible thing were to happen, Trumpcare would be a great and affordable option for that consumer.


There are many benefits tothe short-term insurance packages that the American Health Care Act has helped to make possible. These policies will lower costs for many people, offer a wider variety of choices for the average consumer, and provide a better sense of control to the individual health insurance purchaser.

Actual coverage benefits are specific to theplan that you chose; however, typically you will find most short-term packages offer the following benefits:

  • Fast coverage. The average policy can start covering you as soon as the day after being approved for the plan.
  • Flexible deductible amounts. Typically, these short-term policies have many options available to choose from for the total deductible.
  • No penalty. You can drop this type of insurance plan at any time. If for some reason you can go to a different or better package, there is usually not any penalty for prematurely terminating your policy.
  • A more extensive health care network. Because of the way that the short-term insurance packages work, as a consumer, you often have access to insurance coverage with a substantial variety of physicians, health care providers, hospitals, and other medical facilities.
  • Pricing. Generally, short-term insurance plans cost quite a lot less than the average full-coverage or ACA health insurance policies.


Most short-term insurance policies cost less than half of what traditional or ACA plans cost. Part of the thought behind the American Health Care Act was to help make an affordable option for people who did not qualify for the subsidies ofthe Affordable Care Act or could not pay out of pocket for one of those policies. By providing more options, the short-term plans make it so that people only have to pay for what they feel they will need to use. By creating theability to opt out of certain coverages, the short-term or “Trumpcare” packages can provide a lower cost option for the average healthy consumer.


As previously stated, there have been a lot of changes in the healthcare industry as well as different regulations placed upon various insurances, and unfortunately, it is likely that more changes will still happen in the future. The options available for the short-term insurance policies have opened a more comprehensive selection for all consumers. If you need a more affordable insurance option, and you feel like your typical ACA policy has you paying for services that you do not need or use, you may want to consider checking out a “Trumpcare” or short-term insurance policy today.

Healthcare Insurance Plans

There is nothing more important today than being prepared for disaster. Most households don’t have the financial capability to pay out of pocket in the event of a major hospital bill. Unless you can pay upwards of $100,00 in medical expenses out of pocket, you should make sure that you are covered in the event of a personal injury or accident. Healthcare is dedicated to providing coverage to individuals and families, and you might even want to consider temporary health insurance to bridge the upcoming gaps in your coverage

What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance can be a better fit depending on your situation. If you are waiting for new benefits to pick up with a new emplyer, will be joining a spouse’s plan at the end of the year, or switching to the Marketplace during Open Enrollment and are just in need of coverage for a few month gap, Short-Term insurance can be a more affordable route for coverage. With new regulations allowing certain states to extend Short-Term plans further out, this can be a more flexible choice for you whether you are trying to avoid catastrophe for 90 days or are trying to give your family more direction over the long term.

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You can enroll in a temporary health insurance program at any time. There is no waiting for an open enrollment period, and it won’t be too long before you’re covered for the worst events that life has to throw at you. Don’t forget to speak to an insurance agent and get the best possible deal – it could save your life. We offer some of the best prices and cost in the industry.

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