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Wyoming’s short-term health insurance regulations

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There are still no state-specific rules regarding short-term health plans in Wyoming, and therefore the state struggles to comply with the federal requirements. Until October 2, 2018, federal regulations restricted short-term plans to not more than three months and banned renewals.

But the Trump administration eased those laws, and Wyoming decided to obey the latest federal guidelines.

How Long Does Short Term Health Plan Last in Wyoming?

Under the short-term insurance regulations of Trump’s presidency, the health insurance policies can have actual durations of up to 364 days, and renewals can be issued as long the cumulative length of the contract does not exceed 36 months. The same applies to Wyoming’s state. 

Who can Get a Short-term Health Care Package in Wyoming?

Short-term health benefits in Wyoming can be obtained by individuals who comply with the insurance company’s underwriting requirements. They should be under 65 years of age (some insurers place the age limit at 64 years) and are relatively healthy.

Short-term insurance benefits typically contain common exemptions for pre-existing illnesses, such that they are sufficient for inhabitants of Wyoming State who are in search of quality preventive treatment for chronic health conditions. 

Short-term medical coverage can also exempt all types of critical health benefits. It is normal to see short-term plans that do not include prescription medicines, pregnancy, or mental health treatment.

Catastrophic health insurance wyoming

It is also necessary to read the details and exclusions of the plan carefully before buying a short-term health policy. If you seek health care coverage in Wyoming, you need to first realize if you are eligible for a special enrollment time for an ACA-compliant serious medical plan like the Obamacare plan.

Several eligible life events can trigger a special enrollment period and enable you to access a package from the blue cross blue shield of Wyoming or directly from the Health Insurance marketplace.

Few insurers are providing ACA-compliant family or individual extensive medical services in the state. Their policies are offered through an exchange and exclusively from the insurance provider, but financial aid is only available if you purchase the package from the marketplace. 

Marketplace policies are often provided on a monthly basis, meaning that you can enroll in benefits for just a few months before the next scheme comes into effect with a premium grant if you are eligible. If you will not be qualifying for an employer-sponsored benefit you should sign up for a program on the exchange marketplace and only drop it before the other coverage begins.

When Do I Consider a Short-term Health Care Policy in Wyoming?

There are periods when short-term health coverage could be the only viable alternative, these include:

  • If you are not qualifying for a premium subsidy in return, the annual costs for an ACA-compliant plan can be too high, particularly in a state like  Wyoming, where individual major medical care is much costlier than the state average for someone who does not earn premium subsidies.
  • If you skipped the ACA-compliant coverage- This means that you missed the open enrollment and did not have a qualifying case that would cause a special enrollment period for you.
  • Where the current plan expires in the middle of the month and the new plan does not take place until the beginning of the next month. In this situation, a short-term solution may be used to fill the void, but COBRA could be a safer fallback plan based on the situations (COBRA is retroactive if you register during the election cycle after it is given to you).
  •  You are waiting for Medicare to begin or you are newly hired and have a waiting time until your employer gives your health insurance. If you already have a qualified case, you can opt to participate in an ACA-compliant package only and terminate it when the new plan comes into effect.

Who is Eligible for Premium Subsidies?

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All those people who earn more than 400 percent above the poverty line are eligible for premium subsidies. For 2021 coverage, this amounts to $51,040 for a single individual. If the ACA-specific adjusted gross income is only a little over the subsidy level, action will be taken to minimize it.

People who are stuck in the Wyoming coverage gap are also eligible for premium subsidies. This includes those who earn below the poverty line but are not qualifying for Medicaid because federal funds are not allocated to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Finally, individuals who have been snagged by the ACA’s family glitch are also eligible. 

Consulting with experts is vital when looking for a short term health insurance cover in Wyoming to cater to your individual and family medical expenses. Contact Health Insurance Plans at (866) 358-2150 for more information. We are ready to help you select the best short term health insurance. 

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