Marketplace insurance 2021 KansasKansas utilizes the nationally run exchange at, but with a marketplace plan organization that leaves insurance oversight to the state. Open enrollment for 2021 health coverage took place from November 1 to December 15, 2020. 

Kansas inhabitants with succeeding events can still make changes or enroll to their plans outside of open enrollment.

What Were The Highlights Of The Health Marketplace Insurance 2021 Kansas?

85,837 people registered with coverage for 2020 through the Kansas exchange in the open enrollment opening that concluded in mid-December 2019. That was a decline from 89,993 the previous year, and more than 101,000 who had joined in 2016.

Five insurance firms offer policies in the Kansas exchange as of 2020: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Medica, Oscar, Sunflower/Ambetter, and Cigna. All five have filed plans and rates for 2021 insurance plans as well.

The Kansas Insurance Department keeps a website with an assortment of info related to healthcare improvement, as well as an overview of the state’s health insurance marketplace each year 

How Have The Average Premiums changed in Kansas Over The Last Several Years

2016: Across the small group and full individual market in Kansas, the regular concluding rate changes extended from a 9.4 percent rise to a 25.4 percent decline. But Coventry later declared their exit from the exchange, so their rate surge (25.2 percent) was no longer used in the exchange. 

Nevertheless, more than half of the exchange participants in Kansas had to choose a new policy for 2016. 

2017: The average rates rose by 47.4 percent for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Solutions. Their average rates grew by 28.1 percent. Medica was fresh in the exchange for 2017, so they had no valid rate alteration 

2018: The changes in rates for 2018 were built on the hypothesis that cost-sharing reduction (CSR) backing would not last; the extra cost to cover CSR was additional to silver plans. Medica’s normal premiums grew by 29 percent.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas precisely didn’t have an official rate alteration for 2018, since they terminated all of their policies and substituted them with new plans (EPOs) at the close of 2017. Sunflower State Health Plan also didn’t have a valid rate variation, as they were also fresh to the Kansas marketplace for 2018.

2019: For 2019 insurance plans, Medica raised their average payments by 4.3 percent; Sunflower State Health Plan/Ambetter from Sunflower State raised premiums by 2.7 percent; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas raised average payments by 8.3 percent.

2020: For 2020 insurance plans, Ambetter/Sunflower and Medica both reduced their average premiums by an average of 8.7 percent and 3.2 percent correspondingly. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas raised their average payments by about 3 percent. Since BCBSKS has the major market share, the regular rate alteration was a very small increase, of about o.3 percent. 

How Has A New State Law Has Transformed Plan Offerings?

Kansas marketplace insurance plan

  • 2014: Coventry/ Aetna/, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Solutions
  • 2015: Coventry/ Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Solutions
  • 2016: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Solutions and UnitedHealthcare
  • 2017: Medica and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Solutions of Kansas City 
  • 2018: Medica, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas (previously so-called Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Solutions), and Ambetter/ Sunflower/Centene.
  • 2019: Medica, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, and Sunflower/Ambetter/Centene.

How Did Kansas Approach Marketplace Implementation?

Kansas chose to use rather than have a state-run market. The choice contrary to a Kansas-run exchange came in spite of the efforts of then-Insurance Leader Sandy Praeger and some initial backing by the then-Governor Sam Brownback. Brownback, though critical of the Affordable Care Act, primarily supported Praeger’s exchange preparation energies.

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