As a commercial insurance Illinois agent, you should know how important marketing is to your business’s growth and management. That is why we have put together this guide on marketing ideas for insurance agents. It is an overview intended to keep you competitive, help generate leads, and close deals. 

There are many blogs on the internet that can tell you how to market your business. Nonetheless, that is a lot of information to sift through. We have done the hard work so that you can focus on your business. Here are a few low-cost or free marketing ideas for Illinois insurance agents you can apply to jump-start your Illinois Medicaid digital marketing.

Create Original Content

insurance Illinois expertsNo one knows your business or your clients as you do. As an insurance Illinois agent or dealer, it would be prudent to take that knowledge to revenue-generating use. The best content solves a problem for your client. Therefore, figure out what is causing an issue, write about it (including providing a solution), and you have a recipe for success. Once published, you should share your content across your social media accounts and email newsletters. 


This is another easy and exciting approach for you to create value for your clients. You do not require to be a fancy video editor to create valuable content. You can use your smartphone, find a quiet space, and start recording. Alternatively, you can even talk about the same topics you are writing about. Afterward, you can publish it to YouTube and share it on your website, emails, and other social media platforms. 


Email newsletters are also a great, low-cost way to stay in touch with clients. It is also a good way to provide personalized one-to-one communication. There are various great options available such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. These services can help take a load off when creating emails thanks to their custom-made templates and list-building tools. 

Create Eye-Catching Graphics

You do not have to be a designer to create outstanding graphics for your website, social posts, emails, or even ads. Fortunately, there are low-cost marketing tools like Canva with premade templates ready to go for anything you require. The free plan features access to over 8,000 templates and over 100 design types.

Consistently Publish on Social Media

You are required to have a presence on social media. It is no longer optional. You do not need to be active on every platform available. Notably, that would be overwhelming. Select two or three and start publishing regularly. Most insurance Illinois experts and studies agree that you should publish one or two times a day. However, even if you publish twice a week consistently and offer some value to your followers (for example, all that content you’re writing on your website), you will reap the benefits. 

Quality Content is Essential

Marketing Ideas for Illinois Insurance AgentsQuality content is a must when conducting any form of online marketing. Therefore, consider hiring someone to write or at least edit your content if you are not a good writer. Once you have decided who will write your blogs, you need to decide what you are going to write about. You should focus your content on delivering value for readers. Consider topics that have important dates on the calendar, including holidays, tax filing, or other seasonal opportunities. Ensure to keep up with current events offered by other Illinicare health providers, as well, so you can pivot to tie significant information into important happenings in the world.

Promoting your brand is fine, however, you will find that creating an authoritative blog goes a long way toward building credibility within your audience – among both your peers and your clientele.

Defining Your Brand is One of the Best Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Branding is the visual representation of who you are as an agent or dealer and as a business. Consistent use of logos, images, messaging, contact information, links, tone, and more ensures that a current or potential client encounters your brand online when they find recognizable images and enjoy a familiar and positive experience.

Branding starts with understanding your brand identity. That involves your mission, core values, and goals since these play a role in every decision you make regarding how you promote your insurance Illinois agency and conduct business. When you understand your brand identity, you get the best opportunity to create a cohesive message and brand. 

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