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Best Cheap Health Insurance in Arizona 2020

Acquiring Affordable Health Insurance in Arizona

Affordable health insurance can be bought easily in Arizona, but you may need help to evaluate the best plans for you.

Cheap health insurance plans can be bought in Arizona through the state marketplace, or low-income households may be qualified for coverage through Arizona’s Medicaid enlargement. To help you find the best health insurance plan for you or your family, we evaluated all state exchange policies to find those with the lowest premiums.

In 2020, the average health insurance price for a 40-year-old is $487. This represents a 6% deterioration in value since the 2018 plan year.

Depending on anywhere you live in Arizona, the most affordable Silver health insurance plans are the TrueHealth HMO 6000 – Neighborhood Network, Ambetter Balanced Care 12, and Silver 1. Bright Health is only accessible in Pima and Maricopa counties, so their Silver 1 health plan is the best cheap option. Thus, the Ambetter Balanced Care 12 plan is affordable in the five counties where Ambetter from Health Net is available.

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  • Cheapest health insurance coverage by metal tier
  • Short-term health insurance in Arizona
  • Most affordable Silver plan by county
  • Health insurance companies in Arizona
  • The average cost of health insurance by family size

Health insurance plans on the Arizona exchange are incorporated into metal tiers, which show the advantages you would receive of a policy and its out of pocket costs and premiums. To help you find a low-cost health insurance plan for yourself, we examined all those listed in the Arizona marketplace. We recognized cheap policies in each metal tier. Not all of these health insurance policies are offered in each county, but we recommend using these to make sense of the costs and gains you can expect in each coverage tier.

Getting Your Best Health Insurance Coverage In Arizona

If your household income decreases below 138% of the federal poverty level, you may suit Arizona’s expanded Medicaid program to gain health insurance coverage. For those that don’t allow, the county you live in, your household income, and your required medical expenses will all help determine the best cheap health insurance plan available through the Arizona marketplace. Several health plans are available in other countries. For instance, a Pima resident would have different coverage options than a person who lives in Apache.

Within a given Arizona county, you’ll choose from various metal tier health plans, each of which has its cons and pros. Lower metal tier plans, such as Bronze and Catastrophic policies, come with the most economical health insurance premiums. Nevertheless, the trade-off is paying higher out-of-pocket costs if you become ill. You may have to cover much higher copays and deductibles than you would if you were to choose a Gold plan.

Gold Plans: Most Helpful If You Have High Anticipated Medical Costs

Choosing the Best Health Insurance in Arizona

The highest tier of health plans implies expensive monthly premiums.

Though Gold health insurance policies come with the most expensive premiums — on average, they’re 32% more expensive than Silver plans in Arizona — your unsteady expenses will be much lower. Gold health plans have the most tropical cost-sharing features, such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance, making them the best health insurance option for those with high expected medical expenses. For instance, if you have ongoing prescription needs, you’ll likely find that Gold plans have the most affordable out-of-pocket costs for drugs.

Silver Plans: Best For Average Medical Costs Or People With Low Income

Silver plans are suitable for cost-sharing subsidies, so one of these policies is expected to be the best cheap health insurance plan if you’re in a low-income household. Silver policies are also an excellent middle ground between Gold and Bronze plans, linking affordable monthly premiums with out-of-pocket expenses if you do require medical care.

Bronze & Catastrophic Plans: Best For Ordinary People With Low Expected Medical Costs

Catastrophic policies are only accessible to people under the age of 30 or those who meet special exemptions. However, we would only suggest these cheap policies for people who are relatively young and healthy. Furthermore, a Bronze plan will possibly be the most qualified cheap health insurance policy if you have low expected medical costs and can pay the high out-of-pocket expenses if you need medical care. Though Bronze and Catastrophic health insurance plans have the most affordable monthly premiums, copays, high deductibles, and coinsurance mean that you may face a massive bill before your coverage kicks in.

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