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For Individuals

We offer many individual health plans options to select from. We offer plans that are customized to suit your budget and needs. You can choose from a pool of affordable insurance options from top carriers in the country. With individual insurance, you can access preventative health care and save money on prescriptions and doctor’s visits. Get a customized individual health insurance plan in just a few clicks!

For Families

Finding the right insurance for your family is one of the most important decisions you can make. We offer a wide range of affordable insurance plans from leading insurance firms from which you can choose. Finding the ideal family insurance plan for your loved ones does not have to be complicated. We offer customized quotes that suit your family needs and budget. Fill in the form to get your customized quote!

For Groups

Health Insurance Plans offers a wide array of group health insurance options for both small and large companies. We customize our products to meet the needs of your business and help you find an insurance plan that is both cost effective and prioritizes the wellbeing of your employees. Make the most of the numerous, affordable and top group health insurance plans. Get your quote from Health Insurance today!

State-by-State Premium Costs

39 Million People Use


60% of all

1 in 4 deaths is due
To Heart Disease

The Average
Hospital Visit
Is over $15,000

The Average Knee
Replacement is
$ 35,000

The Average
Cardiac Surgery is
more than $ 124,000

Spinal Fusion Surgery
on Average is more
than $100,000

The Average Visit
To a Specialist
Is $ 300 - $ 600

400,000 People go
To the Emergency
Room Everyday

Approximately 20% of
Americans go at least
once a year

What is Healthcare Sharing?

Health sharing plans, also referred to as medical sharing plans, are a popular alternative to traditional health insurance. They involve cost-sharing among members of a faith-based organization. Members of these organizations voluntarily pay a certain amount monthly or annually to help each other cover medical expenses. They are designed to provide members with access to the best medical care in any health facility nationwide. Healthcare sharing costs are significantly lower than traditional health insurance, but the benefits may be more restrictive.

The main difference between the typical health insurance plans and health sharing plans is in distributing dues and payment of claims. Your day-to-day experiences with medical sharing plans will probably mirror past experiences you have had with traditional health insurance plans.

Can a Christian Medical Sharing Plan Work for My Needs?

Before enrolling in a healthcare sharing plan, it is important to note that it is different from traditional medical insurance coverage. Health sharing plans offer a wide range of policies and payment options while meeting the needs of all the members of the organization. Some of these plans also differ in that some may pay for claims that others would not pay for. If you have a pre-existing condition, you should consult an agent to determine which plan is right for you.

Suppose this is your first time looking into a medical sharing program. In that case, you should consult a licensed professional who can help you go over different plan levels available to you.

Join a Medical Sharing Program Today

The cost of buying an insurance plan can be overwhelming, especially for someone who has recently become self-employed or is in between jobs. With the rising insurance costs, you may feel burdened and decide to go without insurance coverage. However, paying for medical expenses out of your pocket when a personal injury or accident occurs can be even more challenging. You can stay prepared for these kinds of disasters by enrolling in a Christian healthcare sharing plan.

Even though it comes with certain restrictions, medical sharing plans can provide a more affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. If you are thinking of enrolling in a healthcare sharing plan, you can call us today to get your quote.

What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance is a type of health plan that offers you provisional medical coverage during a lapse in permanent coverage. You are eligible for a short-term health plan outside the enrolment period, when you change jobs, or when you lose employer-sponsored coverage. These short-term plans are not required to adhere to minimum essential coverage by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They may offer coverage for doctor visits, emergency care, preventive care, and prescriptions. Short-term health insurance is more flexible as you don’t have to wait for a long time to change. These plans are affordable, and the process of obtaining the plan is short and fast. Short-term health insurance could be the best fit for your situation!

Healthcare Insurance Plans

We offer many health insurance plans that suit individuals, groups, and families budgets and needs. We know that every individual and family has different needs, and hence we design our products to suit your budget and preferences. You can cover yourself, your family, and employees for unexpected medical costs resulting from an illness or a severe accident. We make the process of finding the right health insurance easy seamless through our highly skilled and licensed insurance agents who guide you and offer the necessary information. Reach out to us today to get your quote!

Get a Healthcare Insurance Plan Today

At National Health Connect, we offer a wide range of affordable and comprehensive quotes from leading carriers. Protect yourself and your family with a health plan that offers you the right medical coverage. Our licensed insurance agents are always ready to speak to you and advise you on insurance options that meet your needs and budget. There is a health insurance plan for everyone. Reach out to us today and get your health insurance plan quote today!

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