The CCAP Health Alliance and the Delaware Valley Health Trust (DVHT) have partnered to provide customers an alternative to the commercial health insurance market. The health insurance market should provide Pennsylvania counties with enhanced benefits, better health alliance rates, upfront savings, and long-term cost stability.

This collaboration is intended to serve as the infrastructure and administrator of its health insurance program for various counties and states. Notably, membership in the CCAP Health Alliance is now open, and proposals are available upon request to health alliance providers. 

Providers of the Health Alliance Plan

Discounted Health Alliance RatesSince 1999, DVHT has been among the best alliance health insurance providers and has helped its municipal members maneuver the trends by providing extraordinarily stable health alliance rates below the commercial carriers while maintaining benefit levels and even offering a number of plan enhancements. Through its partnership with the CCAP Health Alliance, DVHT can now extend its platform to Pennsylvania’s counties and county-related entities statewide. DVHT also contracts with Aetna, Delta Dental and Guardian for access to enjoy their provider networks and discounts. 

Without a doubt, DVHT is an example of the power of collective action. As counties and county-related entities think about how best to tackle the problematic budget challenges over the next several years, there is now an effective option to the annual +10-20% increases in the health benefits line item. Typically, the average rate increase for current DVHT members over the past 8 years has been about 6.5% per year. 

 Courtesy of this new partnership, the CCAP Health Alliance can provide a complete variety of medical plans including HMO, QPOS, PPO and Indemnity. Such plans can be fully tailored to meet the needs and interests of each individual county or entity. Participating counties and entities design their customized benefit plans and coverage parameters. For the calendar year, DVHT will maintain each county/entity’s current rate structure and guarantee rates.

The benefit of Incurring the Health Alliance Payment Costs

For most applicants, the CCAP Health Alliance can now meet or surpass current commercial coverage at affordably lower costs. Over half of DVHT’s current members were previously Blue Cross clients. At no additional charge, standard coverage enhancements may include the following:

  • Vision benefits built into the medical coverage
  • A Trust administered fitness reimbursement program for employee and spouse
  • A comprehensive Member Wellness Initiative
  • COBRA Administration
  • access to Health AdvocateTM, a care facilitator for employees, dependents and family members
  • Ancillary Lines program giving discounted health alliance rates on life and long-term disability coverage

DVHT will offer side-by-side coverage comparisons with your current program upon request and will accept partial group enrollments depending on the underwriting guidelines.

Risk Financing

Alliance Health Insurance ProvidersSimilar to other CCAP Insurance Programs, the CCAP Health Alliance is working towards a long-term solution to healthcare financing. Remarkably, DVHT’s risk-sharing model offers a number of benefits, including: 

  • Excess funds are returned to the members. A rate stabilization fund (RSF) is a unique tool that gives each member the option of applying credits to monthly premiums, thereby reducing payments. Additionally, members have the option of rolling their credit balance over to future years. In effect, the RSF allows each member to choose the most suitable time to apply for its own rate relief. It is worth noting that DVHT adds interest to any rolled overbalance. 
  • An expense ratio below commercial fully insured or self-insured programs without brokerage commissions or premium taxes
  • Investment income accumulating only to the benefit of the membership
  • Enhanced control of health insurance premium dollars, services products, and management. For instance, utilization information and key underwriting data has become the property of the DVHT.

Network and Ancillary Lines

As mentioned earlier, DVHT contracts with Aetna, Delta Dental and Guardian for access to their provider networks and discounts. Subscribers will get the provider networks’ ID cards. DVHT will carry out an analysis that will show a high percentage overlap in provider participation between DVHT’s service providers and the incumbent providers. DVHT also contracts with Aetna for claims processing services and reinsurance support to members.


DVHT is owned and controlled by its public entity members. Each CCAP Health Alliance member has the right to appoint a trustee to the DVHT board of Trustees. Besides, the DVHT board elects five officers who serve on an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets every month with staff and directs the operation of DVHT. Additionally, the CCAP Health Alliance is managed by a thirteen-member board of directors responsible for formulating policy and overseeing the program’s administration. For more information, contact health insurance today.

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