Anthem open enrollment insuranceLife is continually changing, and health care has to change. Open Enrollment is the best time to reconsider your health policy and ensure that you have benefits that fit your expectations and budget.

Open Registration runs from 1 November to 15 December each year, although exact dates can differ by state. Knowing the timing and the various coverage plans in your state will help you get more informed before Open Enrollment starts.

Open Enrollment Alternatives of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare plans offer four aspects: Bronze, Gold, Silver, or Platinum. Plans are adjustable and vary only in the way that you and your insurance company share the total bill. Just note that not all insurers have all types of policies, and coverage can vary by state.

Change your Health Insurance to Match Changes in Your Life

During Open Enrollment, you will be eligible to continue your existing health care package or change your plan depending on additional benefits or premium needs. Consider a new ACA package with different coverage or reduced health care rates.

  • Bronze plan- For the Bronze Option, you can earn the lowest monthly premium, but it has the highest deductibles. The Bronze Package is the only option if you do not see your doctor beyond a primary treatment visit but want peace of mind in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Silver plan- Silver plans have a considerably higher average monthly premium but provide a smaller deduction than the Bronze option. If you qualify, you can save even more on the Silver option by obtaining a health care grant, including an Advanced Premium Tax Credit and a Cost-Sharing Rebate.
  • Gold plan- Selecting a Gold Package means that the annual premium is higher and the deductible is lower. Gold is the perfect option if you need a lot of health insurance, and nearly half of the regular medical care expenses are covered by this plan.
  • Platinum plan- When you choose a Platinum package, you will earn the highest annual premium and the minimum deductible. Platinum is the ideal plan because you focus on regular medical treatment daily or want the most coverage.

What Happens if you Skip the Open Enrolment Period?

anthem open enrollment for health insuranceYou may be eligible for a special qualification period if you have got a qualifying life case. Special Enrollment can offer the chance to protect your health even outside Open Enrollment.

Use Open Enrollment as a Chance to Enhance Coverage

Open Enrollment still helps you to apply more health benefits to the next level of coverage.

Accident insurance, serious condition insurance, and patient treatment insurance have more robust protections than traditional life insurance programs. And Open Enrollment is the perfect time to add broader protections with additional financial security.

Matching Health Care to Your Budget During the Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can also be an option for you to pay less for health care. In 2019, 87 percent of people participating earned financial aid through health insurance premiums, which dramatically lowered the cost of buying health insurance in the Marketplace.1 Discover more about health insurance subsidies and see if you apply.

Get Help with Open Enrollment

At Anthem, they understand that you might want a helping hand throughout Open Enrollment. Anthem will lead you through the Open Enrollment process and help you select a health care package that suits your needs and life today.

Anthem’s vast network of services comprises over 11,000 physicians and over 40,000 contracted physicians in California.

Strides have been taken to improve medical collaborations, including those covering remote Sutter, Monterey, Humboldt, Amador, Butte, and Shasta counties. They are now trying to expand their catalog of services to ensure that customers have correct information on existing providers that are eligible and will be protected.

And now, through the BlueCard service, EPO users flying to the U.S. would have access to an extensive network of physicians and hospitals.

Here’s the Future

open enrollment Integration is a wave of the future, which has become a focal point as Anthem strives to coordinate physicians and clinics to provide its participants with a seamless experience and organized health plans.

Anthem is delighted to deliver telehealth through LiveHealth. This online service, which can be completed in the comfort of your house, provides real-time face-to-face appointments with a doctor of your choice of different specialties. This convenient service is delivered 24 hours a day, seven days every week to all participants for minimal copays.

Members can also use comprehensive online resources to help them pick a doctor, measure the treatment expense, review billing records, file claims, access customer service, watch video tutorials, and take advantage of member promotions from participating gyms, etc.

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