Change an Individual or Family Plan ConvenientlyOften, people ask, how do I change an individual or family plan? As a current subscriber, it is possible to change plans for your dependents and yourself, if you have a qualifying life event. That can be done during open enrollment or a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

It is worth noting the following:

  • You can go online or use the Account Change Form (in PDF form) if you change plans during open enrollment. Ensure to include ALL family members supposed to be covered on the policy when using the online enrollment.
  • You should review the 2021 SEP Guide, submit the Proof of Triggering Event Document if you change coverage.

Adding a Dependent

If you are a subscriber, you can add dependents if a qualifying life event exists. You can also add them during the open enrollment period.

You can Enroll Directly with Health Insurance Plans:

If you apply for coverage or change because you undergo a qualifying event, it would be best to review the 2021 SEP Guide, fill and submit the Special Enrollment Period Proof of Triggering Event Form, other necessary documentation, alongside the Account Change Form.

Changing a Dependent to a Subscriber

A dependent on a current family or individual plan can change their status to principal subscriber of their own policy. They can make a ‘plan change only’ within the open enrollment period. On the other hand, that is possible if there is a qualifying life event. Notably, that change can be made by using the Account Change Form. If one enrolled directly through Health Insurance Plans agents or by signing into your dashboard, you can get help if you encounter any hardship.

If it is beyond or outside open enrollment or there is no proof of a qualifying life event, the status of a policy can be changed to primary subscriber of their policy. However, they must go on with their current plan. Applications should be received by the 15th of the month for coverage to begin the first of the following month. One can do the change using the Account Change Form. If assistance is required, our agents can help if one enrolled directly with Health Insurance Plans.

As a health insurance buyer, it would be prudent to note that effective dates may differ when applying during a Special Enrollment Period. They may be determined by when the supporting documentation and account change form are received.

Buying your Insurance? We Can Help.

private insurance open enrollment When purchasing a health plan for yourself and your family, it is vital to find an affordable insurance plan that provides you more value for your money. That is why most people select a Priority Health plan. On top of the medical cover you’ll get, or expect, you will get additional benefits that save you money whenever you use your insurance plan including free preventive care, affordable copays, and much more.

If you get a major life change, you can change your plan or buy a new one during the Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Regardless of your reason for buying your own health insurance plan, we will help you choose the right plan for you. 

We have different options which are intended to offer you control of your health care spending and comfort in times of need since you are covered. Additionally, our health plans cover medical benefits that you and your family need. That is achieved with an emphasis on your overall wellness and preventive care. 

Our plans offer you a variety of choices in cost shares and monthly premiums, like coinsurance and copays, to match your budget and your needs. Once you have browsed benefits, plan rates, and evidence of coverage documents, you can get a quote, and enroll directly through Health Insurance Plans. 

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