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Things You Need To Know About Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the oldest and highest payer organization in the United States, composed of 36 independent, locally run franchises that together make up the Blue Cross Blue Shield Alliance.

Do You Know About the Blue Cross Blue Shield Community?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the oldest and top paid company in the U.S., made up of 36 independent, locally run franchises that make up the Blue Cross Blue Shield Partnership.

What Are The Main Things To Keep In Mind Regarding BCBS?

 blue cross blue shield provider

Blue Cross was established in 1929 as means of offering prepaid medical services. A decade later, Blue Shield was created to offer emergency care with reimbursement. The Blue Cross Association and the State Association of Blue Shield Plan combined into the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association in 1982.

Scott Serota is presently the President and CEO of BCBSA. Since 2000, he has held this role as COO, Senior Executive Officer and Executive Vice President for Device Growth. Initially, he served as the president and CEO of Chicago-based Rush Prudential Health Plans, passed to WellPoint Health Networks in 2000.

The BCBS scheme provides a wide range of healthcare services, providing coverage for major employer organizations, small corporations and individuals, as well as Medicaid and Medicare programs.

 One in three Americans—106 million—are recipients of BCBS. BCBS also holds the highest privately-subscribed health care plan in the country by the Federal Workforce Program or the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, which, according to the payer, insures more than half—5.3 million—of federal service employees, dependents, and seniors. BCBS offers healthcare services to 52 million Medicaid and 42 million Medicare recipients.

The BCBS corporations work in every territory of the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Who Are the Financiers of Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Chicago-based Health Care Provider Corp, a BCBS licensee, and the country’s biggest non-profit health insurer had a deficit of $281.9 million in 2014, relative to a surplus of $684.3 million the year before, owing to a substantial rise in the number of medical reports due to the Patient Safety and Affordable Care Act and to individuals receiving insurance benefits through exchanges.

Is BCBS Worth Dependent Services?

Collectively, Blues raised value-based care spending to $71 billion in 2014, representing a 9% rise in value-based claims since 2013.

 Patient-centered BCBS services created $1 billion in savings in 2013, as per BCBSA. The portfolio comprises responsible care agencies, patient-centered treatment homes, and other services with a total of 570 patient-centered care programs for more than 25 million clients and 228,000 doctors.

What are the latest antitrust allegations against BCBS?

 Two federal antitrust cases targeting both BCBS and BCBS firms have recently taken headlines. The plaintiffs allege that BCBS insurers’ “cartel-like” practices hinder competition and raise premiums.

 One lawsuit was taken on behalf of healthcare professionals and the other on behalf of individual and small-employer clients. The suits were consolidated into one claim by the Federal Court in Alabama and the claimants are now seeking class-action status.

 blue cross blue shield community

BCBS has refuted the charges. It notes that their licensing model—which grants corporations exclusive licenses to use the BCBS name in particular regions—is not unconstitutional and has been in operation for decades without prior antitrust acts.

 Blues has the highest position among the Top 10 Players, with BCBS Pennsylvania Capital BlueCross, BCBS Washington Regence, BCBS North Carolina, BCBS Louisiana, BCBS Maryland, BCBS North Carolina, and BCBS North Carolina Blue Medicare retaining six spots. Payers were rated on the basis of metrics such as days in accounts receivable, rate of claims settlement, rate of rejection, and more.

CareFirst BCBS revealed in May that it was the victim of a cyber-attack that reportedly exploited the data of nearly one-third of its customers—1.1 million members—making it the third hacking found by BCBS since the start of the year. Anthem had revealed a hack in February of this year, placing details at risk to nearly 80 million former and existing clients and employees. The cyber-attack announced at Premiere Blue Cross in March compromised the data of 11 million customers.

In April, BCBSA unveiled plans to introduce a private health insurance exchange to help transition Medicare-eligible seniors from community health benefits to total Medicare coverage. The Exchange will sell additional Medicare insurance, as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D policies.

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