BCBS marketplace plans rhode island 2020Rhode Island uses a state-run health insurance exchange referred to as HealthSource RI, which is a dynamic purchaser marketplace. That implies that the marketplace negotiates straight with insurance firms and controls which plans will be availed every year.

The exchange is utilized by families and individuals who require to buy their own insurance plans, in addition to small firms purchasing group health insurance for their workers. Individuals who buy their own health insurance plans include the early retirees, self-employed, and people working for small firms that don’t provide health benefits for workers.

 Contingent on domestic income, they can also meet the requirements for cost-sharing reductions and premium subsidies through HealthSourceRI, which lessen out-of-pocket costs and premium costs for qualified enrollees.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island offers medical cover through HealthSource RI. Courtesy of the state’s new reinsurance program and the individual mandate, the general premiums are reduced by about 0.5 percent for 2020. Rates will rise by an average of around 4.2 percent for 2021.

What Were The Open Enrollment Dates For Rhode Island Health Insurance, Marketplace For 2021?

Open enrollment in Rhode Island for the 2021 insurance plan took place from November 1, 2020, to December 15, 2020. In the previous year, for 2020 coverage, HealthSource RI made an extension to the end of December, providing residents with an extra fortnight to register.

A comparable extension could be issued for the 2021 insurance plan, but in the meantime, inhabitants in Rhode Island ought to plan to renew their coverage, enroll, or modify their policies by December 15. Rhode Island is among the few states where there is a tax consequence for not possessing health insurance. 

The state’s individual mandate started its operations in 2020, and the consequence for non-compliance will be evaluated on state tax returns in Rhode Island beginning in early 2021. 

The open enrollment window is the only period in the year, except when a person comes across a qualifying event when people can register in self-purchased health insurance in order to conform with the state’s individual mandate. The November 1 – December 15 open enrollment window is not pertinent to persons who have Medicare, Medicaid, or employer-sponsored coverage insurance plans.

Does Rhode Island Offer Short-term Health Insurance Plans?

Short-term health insurance plans’ sale is not barred in Rhode Island, but because of its strict guidelines, no insurance firms provide short-term health insurance coverage in the state. 

The state’s limitations include a directive that short-term health insurance plans consist of important health benefits, cover pre-existing circumstances, and payments cannot be founded on the medical past. No short-term health insurance plans have been permitted for sale in the state for many years.

What was the Attorney General’s View On The Average Approved Rate Increase Of 4.2% For 2021 And BCBS Marketplace Plans Rhode Island 2020?

BCBS marketplace plans rhode island 2021The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner in Rhode Island issued the proposed changes in rates for 2021 insurance plans in July 2020. At that time, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI had anticipated an average rate rise of 3.7 percent.

The filings were reviewed in August, with BCBSRI suggesting an average growth of 5.7 percent, and Neighborhood Health Plan proposing an average rise of 5.8 percent. Shortly afterward, though, the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner in Rhode Island publicized the accepted rate changes, both of which were less than the insurers had projected.

The average rate changes that will apply to pre-subsidy payments for 2021 include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island: AA percentage increase of 3.3 percent (BCBSRI has 17,332 memberships; particulars for the original and reviewed documents are in SERFF filing BCBS-132404728).

When these rates were accepted by the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner, the Attorney General of Rhode Island Peter Neronha gave a statement articulating disappointment over the accepted rates, observing that his office sees the rate increases as ill-advised and unnecessary at the time. 

Neronha continued to advise that the accepted increases are substantially larger than the justified increases in this Office’s actuarial information. The office of the Attorney General had suggested an average rate increase of merely 1.2 percent for BCBSRI.

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