Blue Value with UNC Health AllianceThe BCBS marketplace plans 2020 involves reducing rates by an average of 5.5 percent for 2020 Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans offered to individuals. The individual market decrease is intended to reduce consumer health care costs by $230 million in 2020. It is primarily because of our industry-leading shift to value-based care, marketplace expertise, continued work with providers to improve quality, more excellent stability, internal savings, and lower costs.

To help you understand this shift better, we have answered some of the most 2020 ACA plans FAQs.

Will I see a 5.5 Percent Decrease in my Premiums Next Year?

Not necessarily. The 5.5 percent decrease is an average for individuals. Regional rate reductions range from an average of -1 to -14.2 percent for the individual market. It is worth noting that the rates vary based on location, age, and plan.

Will ACA Customers with BCBS Marketplace Plans See a Rate Increase in 2020?

Even though most members will see a reduction in their rate (pre-subsidy), some may have a rate increase. Notably, rates vary based on age, location, and plan. Moreover, for those who qualify for a subsidy, the yearly change in subsidy calculation will impact the percent change in the premium paid after subsidy. Note that the individual premiums will be available in October.

Why is Blue Cross NC’s Approved Reduction of 5.5 Percent Different from its Field Decrease of 5.2 Percent?

Remarkably, Blue Cross NC achieved an even lower rate than what it originally filed because of continuous provider collaboration progress.

Will Customers Get Premium Subsidies from the Federal Government in 2019?

Yes. Federal tax credits, also called premium subsidies, are still available for customers with household incomes of between 100 and 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. About 85 percent of current customers with ACA plans qualify for subsidies this year. It is prudent to note that subsidies vary by plan and household income. 

What will be in-Network for Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance?

2020 ACA plans FAQsBlue Home members will undoubtedly have access to the full UNC Health Alliance network.

The UNC Health Alliance network comprises:

  • Over 5,000 UNC Health Care and independent providers in 48 counties throughout the state of North Carolina.
  • Over 500 locations in the 10-county region that Blue Home will be offered.
  • Over 850 primary care providers and 3,300 specialty providers.

How will ACA Customers in the Triad be impacted?

Courtesy of the new arrangement with Wake Forest Baptist Health, Blue Cross NC can reduce rates in the health insurance marketplace for individuals in the Triad by up to 40 percent – or $3,400 less, a year before subsidies for individuals.

The reductions will be available through a new product called Blue Local with Wake Forest Baptist Health and could lead to $60 million reduction premiums for the region.

Blue Advantage and Blue Value plans will continue to be provided. However, those who stay with these plans will see a subsidy reduce because of the Blue Local product’s lower cost.

Why is Blue Cross NC’s Approved Reduction of 5.5 Percent Different From its Field Decrease of 5.2 Percent?

Blue Cross NC achieved an even lower rate than what it initially filed because of continued provider collaboration progress. Notably, that will also lead to a more affordable health insurance.

Will Coverage Change for Those With Blue Home?

Over 85 percent of the primary care and specialist providers who cared for Blue Value Triangle members in 2019 will continue in-network for 2020. Some non-UNC Health Alliance providers who were in-network with ‘Blue Value’ with UNC Health Alliance will not be in-network with Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance.

In-network providers include the full UNC Health Alliance network, plus some additional providers, carefully chosen by Blue Cross to ensure that members have access to the care they need.

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