Marketplace insurance OklahomaBlue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma has been directing its efforts at providing important information to Oklahomans. Through this campaign, they educate the public on the importance of having healthcare insurance coverage and reducing the number of uninsured Americans.

Be Covered is a society based education effort that helps people to:

  • Know their options and make informed decisions.
  • Understand the importance of health insurance coverage

Through the Be covered initiative, there is an opportunity to make the people of Oklahoma understand the benefits of having a health insurance coverage plan. This is done by educating residents on how health insurance works.

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What are some of the Be Covered Campaign Activities in Anthem Marketplace Oklahoma?

This campaign works with experienced and skilled society partners, such as civic associations, places of worship, and community leaders and schools. They devolve it to the society level to ensure that they reach as many citizens as possible. This ensures that they provide practical and helpful learning resources and other crucial resources to assist the unsecured communities in navigating the enrollment process.

Their Mobile Assistance Center (MAC) also helps Blue Cross Blue Shield enroll different people across the state. The Mobile Assistance Center also educates on health insurance coverage, financial assistance eligibility, and health insurance marketplace assistance. These mobile centers help them reach rural, tribal, and metro areas where residents can have their questions and concerns addressed directly.

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What Are the Activities of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma?

Health insurance marketplace of OklahomaIn association with community firms, Blue Cross Blue Shield held three Be Covered health and wellness fairs to operated, and community-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield institutions that offer health insurance coverage plans for one person among three in America.

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